I am not a gamer. I respect the genre and I think it is cool that people do play video games but the fact is, I have neither the coordination, nor the patience. I think it takes a certain kind of person to have the stamina to play a video game repeatedly with an attempt at moving to the next level, achieve the highest score—so not me. Knowing that something will explode, crash, disengage or otherwise crap out under the pressure of a timer pretty much freaks me out.

So I am not in on the gaming culture that exists around competition. But I do know how much games such as WoW and Halo are a part of today’s popular culture. Halo fascinates me—the graphics are amazing.


When I first saw the game being played, all I could think is that this is a long way from the Pac-Man of my generation.


What really baffles me, however, is how completely emotional people get over video games.

I am trying to think of anything that would make me freak out this much. I admit, when a download from iTunes is hitting my computer so slow I can make a sandwich in the time it takes to hit my hard drive, I am not happy. But these meltdowns are nowhere near my level of frustration.

Admittedly, gossip has it that the videos I posted here are fake; I post them anyway, because they model a behavior that is indeed found in relation to gaming. Headlines such as this are getting to be familiar:

“Man Dies of Heart Failure Playing Video Games; played 50 hours non-stop”

What is it about gaming that brings out the worst in people?