This is the course blog for WRRH100: Writer’s Seminar, Fall 2009.

All references to the course reader are comments related to readings from Beyond Words:  Cultural Texts for Reading and Writing, Second Edition.

from the HWS course catalogue: “100 Writer’s Seminar.  This course is for students who wish to improve their ability to express their own ideas, positions, and interpretations. It emphasizes developing the writer’s ‘voice’ because much of what one is asked to write in college requires the writer to express his or her own ideas in a convincing, credible manner. The course considers what it means to be a writer—what habits of mind and work lead to an effective essay—and stresses focus, cohesion, and organization.”

from the course syllabus: “There is a blog element for this course.  I have created a course blog that I will keep updated with entries related to the course theme, Responding to Digital Media and New Technologies and the theme for the linked FYS, Saying Yes, Saying No: Drugs, Relationships and Education.  Here is where you will find information referencing issues related to digital texts and popular culture with critical response discussion ideas.  In addition, you may find a variety of ideas for assignment topics.  You are required as part of your Informal Writing grade to post at least nine response comments by the end of the semester.  Because I plan for blog topics to move to our classroom discussions, I will be providing due dates for these response comments, scattered throughout the semester.  The due dates are listed in this syllabus.  Please note: this is a public blog!  This means that while our course is the blog focus, I have allowed for any reader to post comments, per my approval.  By doing so, I hope to expand our community of writers to one that includes readers from other spaces so feel free to share the link.”