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I hit up this blog on technology on a pretty regular basis—I am pretty determined to be the first person to purchase the Apple Tablet if it is, indeed, real and not just some mythical fantasy of cyber geeks everywhere.


Can you even imagine? A giant iPhone! Apple’s cooler version of the netbook. And I am just the consumer to buy one: my iPhone is the only thing that I have in my hands almost at all times. I have left the house without my wallet, my jacket, even my keys. But I always have my iPhone. My entire existence is on there. It is an extension of my self, merging me with technology in ways I never would have imagined. Which makes me question: Am I a cyborg?

According the semi-reliable Wikipedia, a cyborg is a “an organism that has both artificial and natural systems.” Oh yeah. That is so me. If I could have the iPhone/iTouch technology embedded into my arm, I would do it. It would be one less thing to carry.

In reality, just carrying my iPhone with me everywhere I go does not make me a cyborg in any form. But git a load of this:


I mean, how cool is this?!

This picture totally took my breath away when I saw it. I can’t even walk across campus without getting winded and this chick is running marathons on cyber legs. That is impressive enough; add in that she had to learn to walk on these legs makes my adoration grow even more so.

The use of new technologies in the medical field is baffling. When I was younger, any chicken pox outbreak was a call for old school play dates; mothers thrust their kids into infected communities to get the illness over with.

And you thought South Park came up with this!


My mother did this: with four of us at home, she wanted us all exposed at the same time and that is exactly what happened, from my oldest brother on down to me we scratched our way through the pox outbreak until we passed it onto other kids in the neighborhood. Imagine my awe at knowing there is a vaccination for chicken pox now, something most of you probably got as a baby. You all miss that childhood rite of passage.

From vaccinations to the cure for cancer new technology has made its presence felt. Of course, this technology also brings with it ethical issues related to cloning and bioterrorism. But just glancing at the above shot of Aimee Mullins offers some insight into the benefits of such advances in new technology.

Illness, ailment, disability…you have been p0wn3d.


As I sit here composing this weekend’s blog entry, I am very much aware that I am a mere four hours from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

And I am very, very excited about that.

I am a sucker for the VMA’s. They are and always have been a twist to the average award shows and I have never once been disappointed. Like most from my generation, I felt the impact that the VMA’s had on our popular culture as I watched Madonna pull off the first and best edgy performance at any VMA:

1984: Madonna, Like a Virgin

This was huge when the show first aired. Remember, this is pre-Internet—if you missed the VMA’s running that weekend, you had to wait for the rerun whenever MTV decided to air it as there was no YouTube to run to. And MTV didn’t run the repeat directly after the original show as they do now.

Monday in school found us all struggling to concentrate; everyone was talking about how scandalous Madonna was and a good half of the student population at my high school didn’t even have cable TV yet so a lot of people never even got to see it. When they started running the video of her performance, I—like most girls at the time—was glued. What? A wedding dress? Singing about being a virgin? OMG.

Once Madonna’s performance aired, everything changed. Live acts at the VMA’s become the hottest anticipated moments in music. I could fill a blog with all the performances that are stand-outs (which you can easily view with a good search on YouTube). These are some of my favorites, based on my excitement level when I first saw the performances air:

1988: Guns N’ Roses, Welcome to the Jungle

1992: Nirvana, Lithium

1999: Fatboy Slim, Praise You

2002: Eminem, White America and Cleanin’ Out My Closet

2003: Coldplay, The Scientist

But no one—no one—can top the Queen of the VMA’s: Britney. Madonna may make better videos (Express Yourself, anyone? Wow.) but Britney is the Queen of VMA live performances:

2000: Britney, Oops…I Did it Again

2001: Britney, I’m a Slave 4 U:

and of course:

2003: Britney, Madonna and Christina Aguilera:

She just rules that VMA stage, lip-synching and all. I’m really excited to see what Britney does tonight. I know she is touring and all, but I have a hard time believing Britney will miss tonight’s show. If anything, to get us past last year’s performance of Gimme More. Which I will not post here. Because in my mind, it never happened.

They think they are smarter than me. They think they own the universe and can make such monumental changes that my world will collapse at their feet. Do you know what those bastards did? They rearranged the fall TV schedule. Those fools! What mere mortals are we? Do they not think we bleed?

In the new fall line-up, this show is scheduled for Thursday night:


And this:


And this:


And this:


And even this:


Outrage! Trauma, I tell you!

They think I will collapse to their demands and have to choose. Well, they have another thing coming. I am much, much smarter than them. I just ordered this:


Will solve all my problems. Will make my Thursday nights last all through the weekend. Ha! That’ll show them! Now, they better not mess with my Monday nights because you know what Monday is. Yes, of course you do.