This course is linked with a First-Year Seminar:
Saying Yes, Saying No: Drugs, Relationships and Education
with Dr. Kimberly Williams.

from the course syllabus:
“How do schools address such controversial topics as drugs, sex and relationships? How do we learn about drugs, both legal and illegal? Sex? Relationships? How does what and how we learn about these topics influence our choices? In this course we will address these questions, broadly defining drugs to include everything from caffeine and nicotine to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, Ritilin, steroids, so-called smart drugs, and any other substance, legal or banned, that has psychoactive properties. Working together to complete an in-depth ethnographic research study of the role of drugs on campus, we will also examine the research of various disciplines to conduct an in-depth literature review of the role of drugs in education systems historically through the present.”